Louis looked at you, and smirked cheekily. “You know… we should play a game. Truth or dare, maybe?”

Harry smiled, and nodded. “That sounds great.” He looked at you, biting his lower lip. “(Y/N)l, truth or dare?”

You smiled cheekily. “Dare.” You said loudly, and sat up straight.

"I dare you…to take off Niall’s shirt…using your teeth only." Harry said, smirking naughtily. You blushed a deep red, and looked at Niall.

You crawled over to him, and put your teeth onto his chest, going upwards. You frowned, and looked at Harry. “It’s not going to work.”

"Maybe you should start at the bottom, then, yeah?" Zayn said, smirking.You blushed even more, and shot Zayn a death glare.

You went lower, taking the bottom of his shirt in your teeth. You went up, and Niall let out a small moan, and quickly covered his mouth. The shirt was almost over his head, and you slipped, your hand going onto his “lower region”.

"Oooh!" Liam hummed, and smirked. You finally got it over his head, and looked at Harry.

"Truth or dare, Harry?” You said, squinting at him.

"Dare, love."

"Make out with Lou. Like a full on make out session." You said, with a big smile on your face.

Harry and Louis looked at eachother, and all of a sudden Louis pulled Harry’s face to his, and kisses him roughly. Harry’s lips parted, and everyone could see their tongues battling for dominance.

"Stop, stop!" Zayn said, as Louis was about to take off Harry’s shirt. "Jesus…"

"Alright, sorry…" Louis said, and looked at Zayn. "Zayn, truth or dare?"

"Dare, obviously."

"Give (Y/N) a lovebite." Louis said, winking.

Zayn crawled his way over to you, and moved your hair. He pushed your head back softly, and put his soft, warm lips to your neck. He sucked gently, making a small moan escape your lips. The boys all cheered, laughing.

"Who’s next?"

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