"Don’t leave me, love." - Rated R Liam Story

You were saddened, as your boyfriend Liam were to leave for his long tour. Three months without seeing him, and today was your last day to spend time with him. You knew what you wanted to do, and you were pretty sure that he wanted to as well.

You looked at him, as he was sleeping. “Don’t leave me, love.” You whispered, and kissed his neck. In his sleep, he groaned a little. You smirked, knowing that he’s a very heavy sleeper. You put his arms above his head, and silently went on top of him, your bum on his lower region. 

He woke slowly, and smiled at you. “Babe…” He whispered, but you shushed him. He smiled, and flipped you over to where you were on the bottom, and then bit his lip. He kissed you gently, and you kissed back, your hands over his bare, warm chest. 

He took off your shirt, kissing your neck gently, then your chest. He sucked by your collar bone, making you moan quietly. He smirked, and took his pants off, the only thing on now was his boxers. He took your pants off slowly and seductively, and smirked at you, his eyes never leaving yours. He grinded on you slowly, and kissed you again, this time more passionately. He put your hand to his boxers, and he let out a huge moan.

His boxers and your underwear were off, and he slowly positioned himself at your entrance, smirking to you and looking in your eyes. “You ready, babe?” He asked, putting his hands on your waist. You nodded, biting your lip, and he slowly entered you. He saw that you liked it, and went faster and deeper, hitting your g-spot perfectly.

You moaned loudly, looking up at him hovering over you. He smirked, and kissed you, and parted your lips with his. He slammed into you, making you moan into his mouth, and he smiled. He kept going at that speed, and towards the end, you felt his thrusts getting sloppy and faster. He was almost finished, and his moans filled the room, making you smile.

He finally finished, and he layed beside you. He looked in your eyes, and then smiled. “I’m don’t wanna leave, love.”